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About Us

CarParkManagement.co.uk was launched by Parking Space Rentals Ltd in early 2011.


Parking Space Rentals Ltd has experience in the rental and management of parking spaces in residential and commercial developments stretching back to 2003. The staff have the longest experience in this field having been involved with the inception and management of the first company to launch in this field. The company manages everything from individual parking spaces and garages to entire car parks throughout the country and has recently launched a highly sophisticated website dedicated to the rental of parking spaces which is the first in the market to fully automate the process of applying for a rental parking space.

The company has a great relationship with all the suppliers and space users it looks after because of the fundamental understanding that meeting their needs and looking after their interests will always result in a successful and profitable working partnership.


Looking to rent or let a parking space or garage?

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Parking Space Rentals Ltd is

a proud member of The British Parking Association.



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